Our Partners

DACCO (Drug Abuse Comprehensive Coordinating Office, Inc. in Tampa, FL)

Families Anonymous  is a 12 Step Fellowship for the family and friends of those individuals with Drug, Alcohol or Related Behavioral issues.


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Article - Valrico Mother Looks to Erase the Stigma of Drug Addiction, Tampa Bay Times, October 20, 2014

MORA's Misson

1: To diminish the stigma associated with addiction.
2: To create an awareness that Recovery is not only possible and real, but favorable, and something to be proud of, rather than something that needs to be kept secret.
3: To allow those in Recovery to feel understood by, connected to, and valued by others, (family and community.  Providing understanding and support, and love, will help cultivate meaningful lives, and ward off negative emotions that threaten Recovery.

About MORA Recovery

MORA's Story

Messengers of Recovery Awareness (MORA) truly rose out of a need to relieve pain resulting from addiction of a loved one.  Transforming pain into advocacy improves well-being and actually creates hope.

MORA Founders Include: Terry Coffey, Matt Coffey, Cary Fletcher, Laura, Kathryn, Ellen

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